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Monitor Label

MC 2029
Verdi: Aria of Eboli from "Don Carlo". Arutyanian: "Lullaby". Beethoven: From The New Collection Of Folk Songs: a) Russian Song "In the Forest". b) Russian Song "Little River". c) Russian Song "Now Our Girl Friends Went into the Forest". d) Ukranian Song "The Cossack Rode Beyond The Danube". Greek Folk Songs: "Duru-Duru". "Lafina". Khudoyan: "Bolera Kes (All for You)". Medtner: Sleeplessness. Spanish Romance. Winter Evening. Peico: I Mount my Horse. Makarova: To Norsey. Nina Svetlanova (piano).

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Austro Mechana Label

MONO 89066
Lebendige Verganheit. Sara Dolukhanova. Handel: Ariadna: Ariadna's Recitativo and Aria (from USSR D-004676). Flavio: Flavio's Aria (from USSR D-004666). Rossini: Semiramide: Arsace's Cavatina (from USSR D-2859). Duet of Semiramide and Arsace (with G. Sakharova from USSR M 10-42624). Meyerbeer: Les Hugenots: Page's Cavatina (from USSR D-3265). Page's Rondo (from USSR D-3265). Gounod: Faust: Siebel's Aria (from USSR D-3265). Massenet: Werther: Charlotte's Aria (from USSR D-3265). Saint-Saens: Samson et Dalila: Dalila's Aria (from USSR D-3264). Verdi: Don Carlos: Eboli's Aria (from USSR D-2859). Moussorgsky: Khovanshchina: Marpha's Fortune-Telling (from USSR D--08057). Marpha's Song (from USSR D-08057). Tchaikovsky: Snegourochka: The First Song of Lel (from USSR D-06291-94). Rimsky-Korsakov: Sadko: Lyubava's Recitativo and Aria (from USSR D-08057). Kashchei the Deathless: Kashcheyvna's Aria (from USSR D-08057). The USSR Radio Orchestra. Conductors: A. Kovaliov 1-4, 10-12, 14 & 15; A. Gauk 13; O. Brohn 5-9.

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Russian Disc Label

RD CD 11 030
Shchedrin. Gavrilin. Tariverdiev. Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). M. Tariverdiev: Dusk Was Falling (L. Martynov). Water (L. Martynov). Leaves (L. Martynov). An Old Romance (B. Akhmadulina). I Thought You Were My Enemy (B. Akhmadulina). Fifteen Boys (B. Akhmadulina). R. Shchedrin: Solfedeggi: Non legato. Legato. Staccato. V. Gavrilin: Russian Song-book (original folk songs): Snowball Tree Over the River. Wailing I. Wailing II. Winter. Sow-winnow. It Did Happen. Sufferings. The Wonderful Month of May. Nina Svetlanova (piano).
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RD CD 11342
Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). Romances. P. Tchaikovsky: Serenade, Op. 63, Nr. 6 (Romanov). The fires in the rooms were already out, Op. 63, Nr. 5 (Romanov). It was in the early spring., Op. 6, Nr. 2 (Tolstoy). Both painfully and sweetly, Op. 6, Nr. 3 (Rostopchina). Not a word, o my friend, Op. 6 Nr. 2 (Pleshcheyev, after M. Hartmann). Mezza notte (anon.). The first meeting, Op. 63 Nr. 4 (Romanov). Zemfira's Song (Pushkin). Look, yonder cloud, Op. 27 Nr. 2 (Grekov). Take my heart away (Fet). Tell me what in the shade of the branches, Op. 57 Nr. 1 (Sollogub). Amid the din of the ball, Op. 38, Nr. 3 (Tolstoy). Does the day reign?, Op. 47, Nr. 6 (Apukhtin). S. Rachmaninov: The Muse, Op. 34, Nr. 1 (Pushkin). They asked (L. Mey, after Victor Hugo). Morning, Op. 4, Nr. 2 (Yanov). The Waterlily, Op. 8, Nr. 1 (Heine). Oh, do not grieve, Op. 14, Nr. 8 (Apukhtin). These summer nights, Op. 14, Nr. 5 (Rathaus). A. Scriabin: Romance (Scriabin). N. Medtner: Winter evening, Op. 13, Nr. 1 (Pushkin). The Waltz, Op. 32 Nr. 5 (Delvig). Only roses winter, Op. 36, Nr. 3 (Pushkin). Spanish Romance, Op. 36, Nr. 4. Sleeplessness, Op. 37, Nr. 2 (Tyutchev). Berta Kozel (piano). Alexander Dolukhanian (piano; 6 & 8). Nina Svetlanova (piano; 14-25).
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MONO RD CD 15 015
Great Russian Artists. D. Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry. Op. 79: The Lament for the Dead Child. The Thoughtful Mother and Aunt. Lullaby. Before A Long Parting. A Warning. The Abandoned Father. The Song of Misery. Winter. A Good Life. The Young Girl's Song. Heppiness. Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). Dmitri Shostakovich (piano). Nina Dorliak (soprano). Alexander Maslennikov (tenor). Y. Shaporin: Your Languid Southeern Voice (Blok). Everywhere - Above Forest and Fields (Blok). I Remember the Day (Tyutchev). The Night Breathed Coolness (Shchipachev). Amidst the Worlds (Annensky). Russian Song. Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). Berta Kozel (piano). M. Ippolitov-Ivanov: Four Poems of Rabindranath Tagore (translated Rozhdestvenskaya): Arms are Drawn to Arms. Don't Leave Without Saying Farewell. O My Friend, Here is a Flower. Little Yellow Bird. Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). Eduard Grach (violin). Berta Kozel (piano). D. Kabalevsky: Six Joyful Songs (Marshak): The Cheerful King. If Rivers and Lakes Would Flow Together. A Little Boat. Story of a Little Old Lady. Nail and Horseshoe. The Key of the Kingdom. Zara Doluhanova (mezzo-soprano). Nina Svetlanova (piano).
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Zara Dolukhanova (mezzo-soprano). S. Prokofiev: The Field of the Dead (V. Lugorsky, Prokofiev, from Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78). Lullaby (Marshak, from On Guard for Peace, Op. 124). Five Songs Without Words, Op. 35, Nr. 1, Nr. 4. Three Romances, Op. 73 (Pushkin): In Your Brightness. Pine Three. With a blush. From Twelve Russian Folksongs, Op. 104: The Snowball Tree in Summer. Green Grove. Dunyushka. The White Snow. The Monk.. The Ugly Ducking, Op. 18 (after Andersen). Three Children's Songs, Op. 68, Nr. 1, Chatterbox (A. Barto). Four Songs, Op. 66b, Nr. 1, The Fatherland Awakens (A. Afinogenov). I. Stravinsky: Deux melodies, Op. 6, Nr. 1, Spring (the Cloister). Maiden's Song from Mavra. All-Union Orchestra. Samuil Samosud (1-2). Berta Kozel (piano; 3-7, 13). Nina Svetlanova (piano; 8-12, 16-17). Vladimir Khvostin (piano; 14-15).
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RD CD 15023
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Warrior's arioso from the cantata Moscow (Maikov). Joanna's arioso from The Maid of Orleans. S. Prokofiev: Song of the Maiden from Alexander Nevsky. M. Mussorgsky: Marfa's Fortune Telling from Khovanshchina. N. Rimsky-Korsakov: Kascheyevna's aria from Kaschei the Immortal. G. Meyerbeer: Page's cavatina from Les Hugenots. C. Saint-Saens: Dalila's aria from Samson and Dalila. G. Verdi: Ave Maria from Otello. Edoli's aria from Don Carlos. G. Rossini: Arsace's aria from Semiramide. W. A. Mozart: Cherubino's aria from Le Nozze di Figaro. Rossini: Rosina's aria from Barbiere di Siviglia.

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Electrecord Label

Romanos Melikian: Trandafirull. Aleksandr Dolukhanian: Vino acasa. Cocorul. Sergey Rachmaninov: Taniele nopti. Georgi Sviridov: Toamma. Drum de iarna. Serghei Prokofiev: Cintec de nunta. Maurice Ravel: Kaddisch. Benjamen Britten: Doua cintece de leagan (Lullaby Quite Sleep). Manuel de Falla: Sapte cintece populare spaniole. Nina Svetlanova (piano).

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Melodiya Label

D 08057-8
Moussorgsky: Khovanshchina: Marpha's Fortune-Telling. Marpha's Song Rimsky-Korsakov: Sadko: Lyubava's Recitativo and Aria. Kashchei the Deathless: Kashcheyvna's Aria. Handel: Ariadna: Ariadna's Recitativo and Aria. Flavio: Flavio's Aria. Verdi: Aria of Eboli from "Don Carlo". Rossini: Semiramide: Arsace's Cavatina
ND 3264-5
C. Saint-Saens: Three Dalila's aria from Samson and Dalila. Massenet: Werther: Charlotte's Aria.. Gounod: Faust: Siebel's Aria. Meyerbeer: Les Hugenots: Page's Cavatina and Page's Rondo. All-Union Orchestra. A. Kovalev (conductor). O. Bron (conductor).
ND 2858-9
Mozart: Motet Exultate, Jubilate K. 165 (in Latin). Rossini: Semiramide: Arsace's Cavatina. Verdi: Aria of Eboli from "Don Carlo" (in Italian).
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Arias of Italian Composers sang in Italian. Caldara: Comme raggio del sol. Carissimi: Victoria, Victoria. Giordani: Caro mio bien. Stradella: Pieta, Signore. Pergolesi: Se tu m' ami. Verdi: Ave Maria. Moscow Chamber Orchestra. R. Barshai (conductor).
D 07805-6
Bach: Aria from Cantata Nr. 144. Aria from St. Matthew's Passion. Aria from Cantata Nr. 68 (in German). Handel: Ariadna: Ariadna's Recitativo and Aria. Flavio: Flavio's Aria.. Admeto: Admeto's Aria. Moscow Chamber Orchestra. R. Barshai (conductor).
D 2380-1
Mozart: Komm, liebe Zither. Die Verschweigung. Als Luise die Briefe. An Chloe. Gieg: Tears. Little goats' dance. Barcarolle. The Hut. Berta Kozel (piano). N. Rozov (mandolin).
HD 3550-1
Beethoven: 11 Folk Songs. A. Yerohin (piano). R. Dubinsky (violin). V. Berlinsky (cello).
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D 011631-2
Schumann: Frauenliebe und leben, Op. 42. Schubert: Ave Maria. Ihr Bildniss. Wiegenlied. Du Bist Die Ruh. Wohin. Die Forellen. B. Kozel (piano).
D 005178-9
Liszt: Es Rauschen die Winde. Oh, Quande Je Dors. Der Glückliche. Die Lorelei. B. Kozel (piano).
D 4980-1
Wolff: Einsamkeit. Frühling überts Jahr. Juanita. Der Rattenfänger. Mignon. R. Strauss: Mein Vater Hat Gesagt. O Süsser Mai. Traum Durch Die Dämmerung. Morgen. Cäcilie. B. Kozel (piano).
D 2624-2740
Glinka: Vocalise. Kochurov: Vocalise. Dargomizhsky: Ya vse esche ego bezumnaya lyublyu. Lyubila, lyublyu ya. Odelac tumanom Grenada. Rubinstein: Night. Tchaikovsky: Uzh gasli v komnatah ogni. Pervoe cvidanie. I bolno, I sladko. Rachmaninov: Utro. Eti letnie nochi. B. Kozel (piano).
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D 8603-4
Poetry by Pushkin in Songs and Romances. Rimsky-Korsakov: Grechanka. Tchaikovsky: Zemphira's Song. Rachmaninov: Music. Rubinstein: Night. Prokofiev: Your brightness. Pine Tree. With a blush. Kochurov: Mary. Kosenko: I am here, Inesilia. B. Kozel (piano).
Glinka: If I knew before. B. Kozel (piano). Sleep, blue ones. A. Doloukhanian (piano).
D 4260-1
Kochurov: Paysages (Vocal Cycle on the poetry of Tyutchev): First Leaf. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. B. Kozel (piano).
D 0572-7 (3 Discs)
Rossini: Cinderella. Opera Comique in Three Acts. Soloists, Choir of All-Union Radio, Big Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: O. Bron.
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D 03218-23 (3 Discs)
Rossini: L' Italiana in Algieri. Opera in Two Acts. Soloists, Choir of All-Union Radio, Moscow Philarmonic. Conductor: S. Samosud.
D 08645-6
Tchaikovsky: Ode To Joy (Poetry by Schiller). Choir of All-Union Radio, Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: A. Kovalev.
Tchaikovsky: Na nivi zheltie. Lullaby. O, ecli b znali vi. Gavrilin: Vocal Cycle "Pages of Old Album". Schumann: From Vocal Cycle Liederkreis (poetry of Eichendorf): In der Fremde. Intermezzo. Die Stille. Frühlingsnacht. Zwielicht. Wehmut. F. Poulenc: Chansons Villageoises (Vocal Cycle on Poetry of Fombeure): Chanson du clair tamis. Les gars qui vont a la fete. C' est le joli printemps. Le Mendiant. Chanson de la fille Frivole. Le retour du sergent. V. Hvostin (piano).
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M10 35027-8
Arensky: Rafael.. Opera (Musical Scenes of the Renaissance Period). Fornarina - Z .Dolukhanova. Chorus and Orchestra of All-Union Radio. Conductor: V. Smirnov.
Glinka: Kak sladko c toboyu mne bit'. Venetian Night. Adele. Traveller's Song. Rubinstein: Zhuleyka. Kak uvizhu tvoi nozhki. Klubitsya volnou kipuzheyu Kur. Nas po odnoy doroge. From Vocal Cycle Persian Songs, Op. 34: Nrs. 1, 3, 9 and 6. Rachmaninov: Noch Pechalyna. Pokinem, Milaya, Op. 26 Nrs. 12 and 5. Na Smert' Chizhika. Lilacs. Op. 21 Nrs. 8 and 5. The Rat Catcher, Op. 38 Nr. 4. Dream, Op. 8 Nr. 5. V. Hvostin (piano).

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